Watch the Control of a Tugbot Robot


Let’s see the same demo on a Tugbot robot.

  1. Launch MOV.AI Flow TM and open the Simple Navigation: Tugbot demo, as described in Launching MOV.AI Flow™. The following displays –
  1. Launch the simulator in Gazebo Fortress using MOV.AI’s simulator launcher, as described in Launching the Gazebo Fortress Simulator. The following displays –

A Tugbot robot appears in the middle of the warehouse.

The same flow diagram is displayed as for the Husky robot, as well as the same warehouse, except that it has a Tugbot robot there now. The flow diagram has all the same nodes with all the same parameters, except that the black husky sim driver subflow shown in the flow diagram has been replaced by a tugbot sim driver subflow.

Note – FYI, if you had wanted to manually select the Simple Navigation: Tugbot flow, instead of doing the above, you could have expanded the Flow branch in the left pane and selected the flow named tugbot_simple_navigation.

  1. Click the Play button in MOV.AI Flow to watch the robot travel in a rectangular pattern – it goes forward, right, right again (back) and then right again – and repeats forever.

Green dots start flashing on the nodes in the flow diagram on the right as they execute.


Here's a small taste. Click below to see the full video.

Watch Tugbot robot control!