Launching the Mapping Application Example

Opening the Provided Mapping Husky Flow

To open the Mapping Husky flow in MOV.AI Flow –

  1. Click the Home button to return to the MOV.AI Flow home page.

  2. Open the flow of the Mapping Husky demo, in the Samples pane on the right, scroll down to the Mapping: Husky box and click it, as shown below –

The flow displays –

Opening the Flow from the Menu

To open a previously created flow –

  1. Launch MOV.AI Flow, as described in Launching MOV.AI Flow™ or click the Home button to return to the MOV.AI Flow home page.

  2. Click on the Flow option in the left pane to display a list of existing flows.

  3. Select the Husky_Mapping flow. The following displays –

Opening the Provided Husky Mapping Simulator

Launch the simulator in Ignition Gazebo using MOV.AI’s simulator launcher, as described in Launching the Ignition Gazebo Simulator.

Launching RViz

MOV.AI provides complete and transparent integration with RViz, which is a 3D visualization tool for ROS applications that provides a view of your robot model and the sensor information that is captured by the robot’s sensors.



For better debugging, you can launch RViz directly from your terminal by typing movai-flow-rviz.

The input received from the robot sensors is visualized in RViz on a map as the robot travels around the environment. The following shows the initial view that is visualized in RViz of the Husky Depot –

For more information about using RViz, refer to their user guide at

MOV.AI provides a dedicated RViz visualization configuration for this mapping demo, as well as for the autonomous navigation and pick-and-drop demos. A different one is provided for the Husky and a Tugbot robot. The instructions throughout this guide specify which one you must select. These definitions specify the robot sensors and the colors that will be used for the information that they detect.

To launch RViz –

  1. Click the RViz icon. The following displays –

  1. On the left side of the RViz window (shown above), mark the checkbox of the visualization to be displayed.

For example, click Husky mapping to enable the visualization that is provided for the Husky mapping MOV.AI flow and is suited for the MOV.AI Husky Depot world in Ignition Gazebo.

Note – To use a MOV.AI RViz visualization for your own robot in MOV.AI, simply select its checkbox, click the Duplicate button and then modify a few of its values as necessary.

You can collapse the configuration tree in order to see a larger view. For example, as shown below –