A model is a 3D asset that represents an object or a robot to be used in the Gazebo Fortress simulator. Each model has a variety of parameters that describe it so that it can be used inside Gazebo Fortress as an asset. Gazebo Fortress comes with quite a few models. In addition, the installation of MOV.AI provides a rich variety of additional models created by MOV.AI for simulating a Tugbot or Husky robot and the working environments in which it they can operate, such as a warehouse.

Create a new folder my_models inside ~/Documents/MovaiFlow/models_database/ to hold all your models. This folder should contain a folder per model.

Find here many ready-to-use models

Download and extract zip file into the my_models folder to start using these models.

Ignition Fortress has a menu called Resource Spawner where a model can be added to currently open world