Launching – Pick & Drop Navigation Example

To play this Pick & Drop work scenario in MOV.AI Flow –

  1. Click the Home button to return to the MOV.AI Flow™ home page.
  2. Launch MOV.AI Flow™ and open the Pick and Drop: Tugbot demo, as described in Launching MOV.AI Flow™.
  3. Launch the simulator in Gazebo Fortress using MOV.AI’s simulator launcher, as described in Launching the Gazebo Fortress Simulator.

The following displays –

  1. To prepare to watch the robot navigate in RViz, in RViz mark the Tugbot pick and drop checkbox.

Click the Play button to start playing the pick_and_drop flow.

  1. Watch the robot navigate around the warehouse. You can see the robot leaving the charging station, traveling to the pickup station, picking up the cart, traveling to the drop off station, leaving the cart there and then going back to its charging station

Note – The bottom left corner of RViz provides a Reset button that resets the visualization. Clicking this button doesn’t restart the playing scenario.

To watch the robot’s camera in RViz –

When the robot is backing up towards the April tag, to display the view from the robot’s back camera, in RViz, expand the Tugbot pick and drop branch and then mark the BackCamera checkbox, as shown below –

The following displays –

Click the Stop button. The green dots stop flashing. The behavior of the robot after the flow is stopped depends on the robot’s controller. Currently, the robot continues to follow the last command sent to it. However, this won’t happen for a real robot because of its hardware design.