Robot Drivers

Here's how you define the ROS drivers to actuate (operate) your robot –

  1. Create a subflow in MOV.AI that connects the sensors and controllers of your robot. This subflow can then be used by any flow in MOV.AI to sense and control robot behavior

MOV.AI provides ready-made subflows for some simulated robots, such as Tugbot, Husky and Panda. These subflows –

* **Subscribe to the  robot’s sensors** so that the MOV.AI Flow receives data from the robot’s sensors, such as from cameras, LiDARs, IMUs and so on.

* **Send commands to the robot’s controllers** in order to control the robot’s movement, such as its wheels. 

If you want to interact with a real robot, then follow this guide Real Robot ROS Drivers.

If you want to interact with a simulated robot, then follow this guide Simulated Robot ROS Drivers.