MOV.AI Flow™ is a development platform built on top of ROS (Robot Operating System) that makes it easy to develop robot software. It brings visualization and structure to ROS so that you can develop faster, understand ROS projects in an instant and debug easily. It is designed to accelerate robot development and facilitate the deployment, operation and support of field-deployed robots. MOV.AI Flow will significantly contribute to the quick and intuitive development of your ROS project.

Web-based Visual ROS Editor


Web-based IDE in which to program and launch your projects

Built-in Visual State Machine and Node Orchestration


Use MOV.AI Flow to define behaviors, dependencies and states, while saving runtime CPU and memory.

Callback Editor


Create multi-protocol, event-handling logic directly in the IDE. No need to switch to a different editor.

Visual Debugging


Analyze behavior at robot level, during runtime or simulation – nodes, communication, state and configuration.

Configuration Editor


Each node and flow instance has its own settings that are easily accessible in the IDE.

Out-of-the-box Integration with the ROS Ecosystem


RVIZ, rostopic, rosinfo, rosbuild and a variety of other capabilities and frameworks are easily available.

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