Updating MOV.AI Flow™

What will you lose on an update?


After the update, these are the items that will likely be removed. Please follow through with them before updating.

  • The Debian packages installed by you inside the spawner container:
    • Please set up your dependencies correctly inside the package.xml of your ROS package before the update, such that rebuilding your catkin workspace installs the lost packages.
    • Follow this comprehensive tutorial from ROS for more details on how to set up your package.xml file.
  • The build objects in your catkin workspace:
    • Since each update of MOV.AI Flow™ might contain an update of the base ROS packages, it's better for you to re-build your catkin workspace.
    • Follow this tutorial for more details.
  • The metadata:
    • Currently, we are saving the metadata (Flows, Nodes, Callbacks, Configurations) on a persistent database volume but there may be a case when this would be cleaned.
    • Follow

Update procedure

Using your terminal emulator


This process will install the latest pre-release and/or release available. If you want to install the tested releases, please follow the next option.

Follow the below commands to update your MOV.AI Flow™.

  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt install movai-flow

Using a Debian package download

  • Open the latest releases page.
  • Under the Assets section, download the Debian file.
  • Install it using the package manager or your terminal.