This node converts an occupancy grid into a map (png + yaml) and saves it in the database.

The save action is executed when publishing an Empty message to the trigger port of the node.


it is used in :

Input List

There are 3 parameters.

Port NameMessage typeCallback
get_mapOccupancyGrid [nav_msgs-ROS1/Subscriber]map_saver_get_map.cb
initInit [movai_msgs-MovAI/Init]map_saver_init.cb
triggerEmpty [std_msgs-ROS1/Subscriber]map_saver_trigger.cb

Output List

There are 0 parameters.

Port NameMessage type

Parameter List

There are 4 parameters.

filepath[string] Path of where to save the map file.
If empty, the map will not be saved into any file, only database. GGG Unclear
map_name[string] Name of the map to be saved.
threshold_free[int] Threshold value to consider a cell free. Unclear
threshold_occupied[int] Threshold value to consider a cell occupied.

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