Controller of the Simulated Gripper


Tugbot Central Gripper controller to the Ignition Simulator. This node controls the gripper actions and provides feedback data.


The following Nodes make use of this node:

Input List

There are 6 parameters.

Port NameMessage typeCallback
attachBool [std_msgs-ROS1/Subscriber]gripper_sim_attach.cb
centerEmpty [std_msgs-ROS1/Subscriber]gripper_sim_center.cb
gripper_sensorLaserScan [sensor_msgs-ROS1/Subscriber]global/Callback/gripper_sim_sensor_feedback.cb
loopTF [movai_msgs-ROS1/TFSubscriber]gripper_sim_loop.cb
loop_gripper_handTF [movai_msgs-ROS1/TFSubscriber]gripper_hand_sim_loop.cb
trans_inTransition [movai_msgs-MovAI/TransitionTo]place_holder.cb

Output List

There are 8 parameters.

Port NameMessage type
attach_actionFloat64 [std_msgs-ROS1/Publisher]
center_actionFloat64 [std_msgs-ROS1/Publisher]
center_sensorBool [std_msgs-ROS1/Publisher]
center_stateFloat64 [std_msgs-ROS1/Publisher]
down_limitBool [std_msgs-ROS1/Publisher]
force_confirmationBool [std_msgs-ROS1/Publisher]
gripper_inductive_sensorBool [std_msgs-ROS1/Publisher]
roller_switch_detectBool [std_msgs-ROS1/Publisher]

Parameter List

There are 3 parameters.

cart_gripper_distanceDetectable distance of the Gripper Inductive Sensor. GGG
center_forceThe force (in Newton) applied to the gripper joint to make it move. This force should be more than the attrition defined in the model of the gripper, or else the gripper won't move.

Always pay attention to some parameters in your model, such as the max velocity for the joint, as well as the accumulated effort.
center_pos_toleranceTolerance for the angular position (in radians) of the gripper to be considered centered.
Centered = 0.0 +/- tolerance

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