Parameters for global planner





Input List

There are 0 parameters.

Port NameMessage typeCallback

Output List

There are 2 parameters.

Port NameMessage type
dependsDependency [movai_msgs-MovAI/Depends]
pluginPlugin [movai_msgs-ROS1/PluginClient]

Parameter List

There are 14 parameters.

allow_unknown[bool] Specifies whether or not to allow the planner to create plans that traverse unknown space. NOTE: if you are using a layered costmap_2d costmap with a voxel or obstacle layer, you must also set the track_unknown_space param for that layer to be true, or it will convert all your unknown space to free space (which planner will then happily go right through.
cost_factor[double] Factor to multiply each cost from costmap by (dynamic reconfigure)
default_tolerance[double] A tolerance on the goal point for the planner. The planner will attempt to create a plan that is as close to the specified goal as possible but no further than default_tolerance away.
lethal_cost[int] Lethal Cost (dynamic reconfigure)
neutral_cost[int] Neutral Cost (dynamic reconfigure)
old_navfn_behavior[bool] If for some reason, you want global_planner to exactly mirror the behavior of navfn, set this to true (and use the defaults for the other boolean parameters
orientation_mode[int] How to set the orientation of each point (None=0, Forward=1, Interpolate=2, ForwardThenInterpolate=3, Backward=4, Leftward=5, Rightward=6 (dynamic reconfigure)
orientation_window_size[int] What window to use to determine the orientation based on the position derivative specified by the orientation mode (dynamic reconfigure)
outline_map[bool] Outlines the global costmap with lethal obstacles. For the usage of a non static (rolling window global costmap this needs to be set to false
publish_potential[bool] Publish Potential Costmap (dynamic reconfigure)
use_dijkstra[bool] If true, use dijkstra's algorithm. Otherwise, A*.
use_grid_path[bool] If true, create a path that follows the grid boundaries. Otherwise, use a gradient descent method.
use_quadratic[bool] If true, use the quadratic approximation of the potential. Otherwise, use a simpler calculation.
visualize_potential[bool] Specifies whether or not to visualize the potential area computed via a PointCloud2.

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